Individual contract with EVN

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Individual contract with EVN

Postby admin » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:28 pm


Dear apartment owners!

As you know, there is still a substantial difference in the electricity prices for individual owners and legal entities.
Obviously, there will be such an imbalance this year also. Because of that it is more than reasonable to conclude an individual contract with EVN.

- If you are in Bulgaria - you can do that yourself. You will need a copy of the Title of deeds for your apartment, which indicates you as the official owner and your passport. You will have to go to the EVN office in Pomorie town at 1 Solna str. There you fill in an application form, submit all the necessary documents and in approximately a month time - you will have an individual contract. Within this month, EVN will charge you with the legal entity electricity tariff /the higher price/, but after such and individual contract is signed you will be charged with the lower electricity tariffs for individual owners.

- If you are not in Bulgaria - you can arrange everything by power of attorney using our new service. The procedure is the following:
You contact the manager of your complex at the main office in Sofia at
Order the service and send us a scanned copy of your passport.
We prepare and send you a power of attorney which you legalize in front of a Notary or at the Bulgarian embassy/consulate. Then the legalized power of attorney should be apostilled by the relevant authority. Then you send us the original by post. Apostillation is obligatory for documents legalized in United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Germany, Turkey etc. Apostillation is not needed for documents legalized in Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia etc. The list is not exhaustive and each case will be discussed individually.
Having received the original, we made a certified translation into Bulgarian and submit a registration form in EVN on your behalf.
The process itself from the moment of receiving the original documents by post till the actual registration in RVN will take approximately 25 working days.
The price for this service is 120 euro VAT included.
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