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Fort Noks Guarantee

Postby admin » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:26 pm

Dear Owners,

With the present letter we are glad to inform you that with the beginning of season 2012 we will start a new unprecedented program called “Fort Noks – Guarantee”.

Taking care for your comfort and calmness during your rest, company Fort Noks will be the first in Bulgaria, which with the present letter announces that we will grant a termless guarantee of the below indicated elements from the finishing works and materials in your apartments. All this will be in addition to our obligations under the contracts of Maintenance and Management Contracts and the after-sales-service during the autumn-winter period:

- Maintenance of the terrace tiles integrity, as well as for the corridors’ and kitchen boxes’ tiles.
- Free change and registration of a water meter - if broken
- Change or repair of damaged flexible connectors – part of the pipe system
- Change or repair of damaged turn-cock for stopping the water in the apartments
- Repair and maintenance of the water-main systems in the apartments (pipes)
- Repair of the blinds which are fitted by our company
- Check and if needed change of standard electric bulbs (before the season)
- Repair or change of the boiler switch - if necessary
- If necessary repair or change of electric plugs
- Regulation of the windows and balcony door (if needed)
- Re-painting of the balcony railings
- Painting of the air conditioners stands

Start of the program – 1st of June 2012 y.

The execution of the above stated works, according to the program “Fort Noks Guarantee”, will be realized in the period: autumn 2012 – spring 2013 (before the season 2013), and the same way for each next season.

In order to participate in the program it is necessary before 01.06.2012 /and within 1st of June every next year/ to:
- To pay in full and in time all your obligations under the Maintenance and Management contract (or under the conditions of the Preliminary contract)
- To remove/cover all disrepairs in your apartment before the start of “Fort Noks Guarantee” (01.06.2012)

The Guarantee program of the water-main systems and electric items is not valid for the apartments in which the owners have changed the respective systems without the consent of the managing company.

Repair and change of the equipment will be made for free only in case the equipment was correctly used in the past.

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Re: Fort Noks Guarantee

Postby admin » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:53 am

Dear apartment owers,

Please bear in mind that in order to meet the requirements of the "Fort Noks Guarantee" program you have to visit one of our offices before you leave and discuss with the managers if any repairs are needed according to the guarantee program. Once again we want to remind you that all the financial obligations for the apartment have to be covered, so that the property can be approved for the Guarantee program of Fort Noks Ltd.

Fort Noks Ltd.
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