New Condition for TV services

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New Condition for TV services

Postby admin » Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:28 am

Dear owners of apartments,

From this year all TV companies made a transition to digital broadcasting. The broadcasting of all programs in Bulgaria will be only in digital format, for which a significant upgrade of the equipment is required.

Starting from this year our company will provide the following TV services:

In complexes Privilege Fort Beach, Messambria Fort Beach, Grand Resort, Prestige Fort Beach, Nessebar Fort Club, Nessebar Fort Golf Club, Holiday Fort Golf Club and Orchid Fort Garden - increase of the television programs up to 60, including 25 Russian-speaking, 20 popular English-language / multi-language programs, not less than 10 programs in Bulgarian and others.

The price of the TV service:

- new subscribers - 120 euro /installation fee – 40 euro, annual fee – 40 euro and receiver – 40 euro/.
- current subscribers to digital TV - 40 euro /annual fee /. The old receivers have to be replaced or retuned;
- current analog TV subscriber – 80 euro / annual fee – 40 euro and receiver – 40 euro/.

Additional TV

- first time subscription - 60 euro per TV /installation fee – 20 euro and receiver – 40 euro/. There is no annual fee;

- If additional TV is already connected - 40 euro /receiver with no subscription fee/. There is no annual fee;

There will be no annual fee for the additional TV receivers.

In complexes Green Fort and Riviera Fort Beach the division of analog and digital TV will be preserved under the following conditions :

- analog TV /no more than 20 channels/ - 30 euro annual fee;

- digital TV /no more than 35 channels/ - 37 euro annual fee; The price of the receiver - 40 euro, replacement of the receivers of the old subscribers will be done for free;

- additional TV – 20 euro for analog TV and 40 euro for digital TV. There will be no annual fee for the additional TV receivers.

- installation fee for new subscribers – 40 euro.

We highly recommend to all our clients to order new receivers or replace their existing one earlier, in order to avoid the busy summer season. If you order now we will install it and the TV can be used immediately after your arrival, otherwise there will be a period of a few days delay till we supply the service.

Fort Noks Ltd.
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