The best restaurant in Saint Vlas is already open

Дата: 14 Jul 2015 /
От: mitko /

Dear Owners and Guests,

we are glad to announce that the restaurant in our newest complex Premier Fort is already open. For reservations you can contact the managers of your complex.

Kind Regards!

Premier Fort Beach with the best restaurant in Saint Vlas

Дата: 30 Mar 2015 /
От: mitko /

Dear apartment owners and guests in the Fort Noks complexes!

We are glad to announce that on the 1st of July we are opening our newest holiday complex in Saint Vlas - Premier Fort Beach !

апартотель Святой Влас, апартаменты в аренду, квартиры в Болгарии на лето

The comfortable apartments with nice views to the bay of Sunny Beach and city of Nessebar are ready to accommodate our guests.

A gem of the holiday complex is the best restaurant in Saint Vlas – Premier!

*a team of high qualified cooks (Executive Chef – Nikolay Pehlivanov and Chef Mitko Alexandrov, nominees for many international and Bulgarian culinary awards), consultant – Chef Georgy (Zhoro) Ivanov, Chef-cook in Grand Hotel Sofia, 8 years of experience as Executive Chef of “Black Truffle” restaurant, Belgium, 2 Michelin stars),
*interior developed by the best Bulgarian architects and designers
*only the best fresh Bulgarian products.

ресторан Святой Влас

Consists of a buffet in the main hall of the restaurant, and a cozy a-la-cart restaurants offering the cook’s specials.

Be our guests – the complex is open for bookings, as well as for apartment rentals only, also in combination with breakfast, breakfast and dinner, and full board.

The restaurant is available not only to the guests of the complex, but for everyone.

Fort Noks Ltd.

Feedback for your summer vacation

Дата: 03 Apr 2014 /
От: mitko /

Dear owners and clients,

feel free to share impressions and remarks regarding your summer vacation in Bulgaria on our forum

You can also leave feedback about our complexes in tripadvisor:

- Grand Resort (Marina, Panorama)
- Green Fort
- Holiday and Orchid Fort Garden
- Imperial and Crown Fort Noks Grand Resort
- Messambria Fort Beach
- Nessebar Fort Club Apartments
- Panorama Fort Beach Complex
- Prestige Fort Beach
- Privilege Fort Beach Apartments
- Riviera Fort Beach

Fort Noks guarantee program

Дата: 03 Apr 2014 /
От: mitko /

Dear owners,

we would like to advice you, that the repairs carried out according the “Fort Noks guarantee” program have been completed.

The owners of apartments in all our complexes can take advantage of this program. Detailed information regarding the participation in the “Fort Noks guarantee” program can be checked here: Fort Noks guarantee information

New interest percentage for our deferred payment schemes

Дата: 13 Jan 2014 /
От: mitko /

Dear Clients,

as of 13.01.2014 our company is offering the following interest percentages on our deferred payment schemes:

- Up to one year from signing the preliminary contract – deferred payment with no interest;
- Up to 3 years deferred payment with 3,6 % annual interest;
- Up to 7 years deferred payment with 6,5 % annual interest;

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information and requests.


Дата: 17 Dec 2013 /
От: fortnoks /


Update: Dear apartment owers,

Please bear in mind that in order to meet the requirements of the “Fort Noks Guarantee” program you have to visit one of our offices before you leave and discuss with the managers if any repairs are needed according to the guarantee program. Once again we want to remind you that all the financial obligations for the apartment have to be covered, so that the property can be approved for the Guarantee program of Fort Noks Ltd.

Fort Noks Ltd.

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