Fort Noks update - winter 2020

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Fort Noks update - winter 2020

Postby admin » Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:18 pm

Dear apartment owners!

With the end of the 2020 holiday season, the Fort Noks management company traditionally switches to winter working time.
Since the end of September, reception offices are open not 24/7/365, as during the season, but from 9.00 to 17.00, from Monday to Friday.
As an addition, at the Grand Resort and at Nessebar-Holiday-Orchid, there is a manager on duty on weekends, during the daytime.

The permanent administration staff in the residential complexes - 27 people. They all continue to work year-round and are at your disposal for all matters.

There are security posts in each complex; the security guard continues to work around the clock, seven days a week. There are 12 security posts during the winter, the working time is 24/7/365 days, 42 people work all year round.

Cleaning of the building entrances and the territory of the complexes - continues in full, according to the winter schedule. We clean the building entrances at least once a week, when actively used by owners even more frequently. Instant cleaning in case of repairs or emergencies in the common parts of buildings and on the complex territory. Assistance in general works on the territory and in the buildings. Execution of paid cleaning services. The number of the staff working permanently during the winter - 41 people.

Landscapers finished with part of their work, green areas no longer need special support until spring, but there is work in the prevention of irrigation systems and general work on the territory of the complexes. The permanent staff is 13 people.

Drivers and operators of small-scale mechanization - 5 people.

Technical personnel engaged out of the season in repairs, elimination and prevention of damages, works regarding the Fort Noks Guarantee program, provision of paid services, etc. - 39 people.

Office personnel - accounting, lawyers, administrators - 9 people.

Residential complexes continue to function in full during the winter,
all the necessary infrastructure is working - the elevators in the entrances are working, a subscription is monthly paid to the elevator service company, water and electricity are supplied without interruption, the stable operation of all engineering systems is ensured.

For uninterrupted water supply, as you know, Fort Noks has built, maintains and is repairing a network of sewerage and pumping facilities (at Elenite and in Sunny Beach).

Fort Noks is fully operational, as in previous years, and the volume of work is only growing.
The age of the residential complexes require more and more repair and maintenance work every year - Sunny, Golden, Messambria, Privilege, Fort Noks Grand Resort, Riviera were put into exploitation in 2004-2006, Nessebar Fort - 2008, Holiday Fort - 2009.

Depreciation of buildings and structures makes it necessary not only to carry out direct support work, but also to carry out work on replacing equipment, overhauling buildings, structures, facilities and common areas.

What has been done, what is being done, what we plan to do in the autumn-winter period:

At the moment, the preventive maintenance of the equipment of the pools has been completed, and the preparation for the winter of the electrical equipment.
Repair and maintenance of water cascades and water slides on the territory.
The irrigation system has been checked, repaired, cleaned, electrical equipment is prepared for winter.
Sewerage check - the shafts are being inspected and cleaned.
Cleaning and preventive maintenance sewage and pumping facilities, replacement of equipment.
Painting of parapets of balconies in apartments and railings on the territory is in progress.
Tiles on balconies are being inspected.
Siliconization and grouting of tiles on balconies, if necessary.
Cleaning of drains on balconies.
The inspection of common parts of buildings - roofs, basements - has begun.
The roof aprons of buildings are being painted.
Roof waterproofing is undergoing preventive treatment in places of visible breaks and seams.
Checking and adjusting of plastic window frames.
Checking, cleaning of drainage systems on balconies, inspection of rainwater drainage systems.
Checking and preparing for winter the water supply and sewerage system as a whole.

The obligations of the Management Company under the maintenance and management contract are being fulfilled in full and in many cases they are over fulfilled, without additional collection of payments from the owners so far.

Thank you for being correct in fulfilling your payment obligations as per the maintenance and management contract.

You understand that this is very important - your on-time payments are the only way to guarantee the safety of your investment in time.

Yours faithfully:
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Re: Fort Noks update - winter 2020

Postby HeatherR » Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:23 am

Thank you for the update,it is much appreciated.

One point though is that none of the web cameras are working they have not all been working all year especially on the Grand Resort.
Perhaps you could get them all working again as it is the only visual contact we have and I personally look forward to being able to view all the resort's.

Thank you owner on Panorama.
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