Another day in Paradise

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Re: Another day in Paradise

Postby sean » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:44 pm

Hi All, just a little one to keep you upto date with whats happenning down here! Maintenance has and is being carried out on fort noks complexes as per usual every year, painting of railings, soffits and walls and trees have been given a big to the bone haircut!!! Ok starting from Pfb and working towards airport,, One building next to PFB nearly complete and scaffold ready to come down ,looks like they will start on the other block soon, MFB a few thousand tonnes of rock has been tipped to make a breakwater/sand entrapment and looks a complete mess and how that got planning permission is beyond me,,, and i for 1 will not be the only person jumping up and down on that one, next to Grand resort the 2 new builds starting to look good with the faceds, building intween that and next to coral beach needs repair as wooden cladding falling off and looking poor!!, over the hill and into Vlas on left hand side work started again were left off earlier this year, continue down the main road and the land on the right hand side where the fun fair was in the summer( opp number 19) they have started digging there and looks a big build, head up to Vlas center and where the Kebab and fast food stands were ,,they are no longer, all knocked down and have dug down approx 15mtrs and then wonder why the road is undermined!! going to be some shops with more apartments!! yipee!!! further on down the main road to the RIU PARADISE and land has been cleared ( if looking to the sea on the right hand side) engieers setting out today!! not much in Sunny Beach few old shops/stalls pulled down, Nessebar water park big hotel getting built there, carry on nothing in Acheloy but once driven through to the other side the fun begins!! Yep building the new dual carriageway, seeing is to believe!! traffic managment non existing, no cones,no temp lights, no signs saying saying speed pits that can take your axle clean off, no signs saying drive slowly coz there are trees , concrete drainage channels , mud etc on the road, but hey a source of entertainment for the winter months,, by the way weather holding out here still,,mild and broken sunshine,,have a great week
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Re: Another day in Paradise

Postby Marto » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:02 pm

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Re: Another day in Paradise

Postby ginger222 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:11 pm

Hi Sean
not often on here now, we look at beach bulgaria and fortnoks apartments sunny beach on to the stage where not many people are using forum now as info posted on these other sites more up to date,
hope you are well
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Re: Another day in Paradise

Postby Chez2 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:24 pm

I have a flick past but not many people have ever posted on the forum. Its seems to me, I might be wrong, that most Brits tend to prefer Sunny Beach to Vlas and Elenite. If we want to know anything we usually WhatsApp or email someone we know (native Bulgarian) who lives in the centre of Vlas or someone who lives in Burgas.
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